Dedicated Fleet Specialists

SalSon’s dedicated fleet specialists handle everything from drivers to insurances to overhead. Our job is to free you to focus on what’s most important: advancing your business.

Why SalSon Dedicated:
  • We specialize in the freight that other carriers shy away from
  • We are your metropolitan delivery specialists
  • We are experts in local and regional multi- stop deliveries to some of the most congested markets in the country
  • Terminals in the NYC and Atlanta areas provide support to our dedicated operations
  • Many of our drivers are bi-lingual which can help expedite deliveries
  • We know our markets better than anyone else


Benefits of Dedicated Contract Carriage:
  • Same reliable service as a private fleet
  • Dedicated Fleets give you flexibility in equipment and labor
  • Insulates you from increasing government regulations
    • Equipment Standards
    • Safety Regulations
    • Electronic On-Board Recorders
  • Protects you from the increasing cost of equipment
  • Eliminates liability, worker’s comp exposure
  • Guarantees capacity in a market where capacity is increasingly scarce
  • Improved operations and advanced technology
  • Improved financial picture by eliminating large capital expenditures

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