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New 20/40 Combo Chassis Delivered to SalSon Charleston Terminal

SalSon Logistics | July 19, 2017 10:20:26 AM EDT

Last week, SalSon Logistics' Charleston, SC terminal received 50 brand new 20/40 combo chassis to support the growth of its drayage business there. Container volume is up across the Southeast. At the Port of Charleston, since 2009, container volume has increased 70%. These brand new SalSon chassis were needed to handle this added volume.  

20/40 combo chassis from SalSon Logistsics"Chassis are the workhorses of the container drayage business," says Paul McClintock, who runs SalSon's Charleston terminal.  "Any mechanical problems translate into delays and missed appointments for customers. The new SalSon chassis help create a more reliable experience for shippers who want to get their containers off port and out to the market as fast as possible."

The new "slider" chassis are expandable to handle either 20' or 40' containers. Drivers can drop off a 20' container and pick up a 40' container without having to return to the terminal or visit a chassis pool. That's a huge advantage for drivers, whose productivity and earning potential is crippled by having to swap out chassis and any associated delays.  

Drayage tends to be a very rate-driven service. But savvy shippers recognize there are real costs associated with lack of capacity and wait times associated with chassis availability.  SalSon's new 20/40 combo chassis bring more capacity and reliability to support Charleston's continued emergence as a leading East Coast container port.  

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