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Pool Distribution / store delivery

SalSon specializes in LTL deliveries for retailers in the New York / New Jersey / Connecticut region. We combine fast, efficient processing with experienced drivers to deliver your freight within 24 hours after receipt – sometimes the same day. As part of our pool distribution service, we receive linehaul freight from retailers, then sort freight by store location and deliver throughout the region.

Why SalSon for Pool Distribution Services?

  • Track record. We handle LTL store deliveries for GAP, Abercrombie, Coach and other high profile retail chains.
  • Sophisticated sortation system. We receive bar-coded shipments and use our automated conveyor system to sort by store location and direct products to waiting trucks.
  • High volume capability. Our sort system can process over 100,000 cartons in 24 hours. We have a large fleet of drivers, straight trucks and vans to handle last mile delivery.
  • 24/7 deliveries. We schedule around the exact needs of your store.
  • New York City deliveries. Every day, we have dozens of drivers in the city, day and night.

Case Study:

For this global fashion business, inventory needs change fast across its nearly 4,000 stores. It needed a nimble logistics partner that could allow more real-time management of inventory and replenishment.

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SalSon’s Distribution Services can help you…

  • Get products to market faster. We get products to your stores within 24 hours of receipt, and very often the same day.
  • Reduce freight costs. We can often combine your freight with other companies shipping to the same area, allowing you to share the costs.
  • Gain control. Use the MySalSon tool to track deliveries in real time. Check out this video on the tool.
  • Increase efficiency at your DC. Let us sort, palletize and handle final mile delivery.

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