SalSon logistics videos

SalSon Video Library

SalSon Corporate overview

An overview of SalSon Logistics services, from drayage and other port services, to warehousing, to dedicated trucking and final mile delivery.

Driver recruitment video

We asked our drivers what it was like to drive for SalSon. Here’s what they said.


Summarizes safety practices and track record at SalSon – on the road nad in the warehouse.

Warehouse Services

Check out SalSon’s warehousing capabilities – from high-speed cross-dock to long-term bulk storage.

CES Services

Short video on our Centralized Examination Stations services in Newark.


Learn why SalSon has one of the largest chassis fleets of any carrier.

NYC Metro Delivery

Join SalSon CEO Anthony Berrito as he makes a nighttime NYC delivery.

My SalSon video

Short video on SalSon’s mobile apps that allow customers to access delivery status, documents and other data right from their handheld.

Pool distribution

Short video on how SalSon quickly receives linehaul freight, sorts items, and delivers direct to store.


Describes SalSon’s ability to turn inbound containers within 24 hours post customs clearance.

Newark Location

See why SalSon’s location less than 1 mile from Port Newark translates into faster speed to market.


How we leverage SalSon trucks and chassis to get containers off port faster.

Dedicated Fleet

SalSon runs a dedicated fleet for some of America’s largest retailers.

Conveyor System

See SalSon's conveyor system in action at our Newark, NJ headquarters.  

Rapid Response

Got a challenge? Lay it on us and get a same-day response.