Newark Container yard

Newark Container Yard

SalSon operates multiple container yards near Port Newark at our 55-acre campus. The yards allow you to get containers off port before free time ends and store containers until you’re ready to receive them. Our yards are within a mile of the port.

Why SalSon for container storage at Port Newark?

  • Capacity. In Newark, no other provider can offer the dedicated container yards so close to the port. There are three yards within our 55-acre campus.
  • Proximity. Within a mile of Port Newark.
  • High security. Our Newark yards are gated and manned 24/7 with surveillance cameras.
  • Ability to flip chassis. SalSon has invested in container handlers so we can quickly and easily take your container off one chassis and transfer it to another when needed. We do this for free right in our shipping container yards.
  • Weigh scales on premises. Our frequently calibrated weighing scale makes sure you’re road legal.
  • Tier One yard management. Supply chain delays often can be traced to inefficient yard management. Our PINC YMS ensures rapid processing of freight using expert planning and visibility tools.

Case Study:

When drayage providers for this iconic fashion retailer could not keep pace with the volume of inbound containers, SalSon stepped in to eliminate the backlog.

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SalSon’s Newark container yards can help you…

  • Avoid demurrage. We can get your containers off port before free time ends and store them until needed.
  • Maintain visibility to your import cargo at all times. Every container is tagged with a tracking device, so you can know its EXACT location in real time.
  • Reduce dray costs. SalSon container yards are less than a mile from Port Newark, reducing transit time and cost.

If you are interested a Newark yard for your import containers, let’s talk. Just complete the short form below and we’ll be in touch.

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