Direct store delivery

Direct Store Delivery

Successful store delivery requires experience, a buttoned-up process and talented, committed drivers. At SalSon, we’ve got all three and have earned our reputation as one of the top direct store delivery carriers on the East Coast. We’re proud to handle DSD services for some of America's most iconic brands.

Why SalSon for Metro Area Store Delivery Services?

  • On-time. The key is getting product to stores on schedule, typically during off hours, so the shelves can be restocked in time for next-day sales.
  • Experience. DSD services are a core service. We understand the intricacies of a range of delivery types, from curbside to mall to inner city.
  • Easy track and trace. Use the MySalSon tool to track direct store deliveries in real time as they travel to your stores. Check out this video on the tool.
  • Metro Delivery specialist. SalSon Logistics specializes in a service that many other carriers won’t touch – metro area store deliveries, including New York City. Learn about our pool distribution services and check out a video of our CEO making a New York City freight delivery.
  • Unmanned deliveries. We deliver overnight and during early morning hours, often when stores are unmanned. Customers trust SalSon drivers with keys and codes to access delivery spots.

White Paper

Are your carriers truly focused on metro-area delivery? This white paper covers 7 questions to ask your final-mile carriers to determine if metro deliveries are a true focus for them, or just a distracting sideline.

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SalSon direct store delivery services help you…

  • Improve store-level sales and satisfaction.
  • Bypass the retailer’s DC to speed product to market.
  • Reduce supply chain inventory.
  • Reduce costs for last mile delivery.

Are you looking for DSD carriers? We’d love to share some of our successful experiences and see if they could apply to your situation. Let’s talk. Just complete the short form below and we'll be in touch.

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