Dedicated contract carriage

Dedicated Fleet Services

SalSon handles dedicated fleet services for brands that require exceptional reliability at a competitive price. We assume responsibility for EVERY aspect of your freight program, including driver recruitment, trucks, maintenance, insurance, DOT paperwork, and safety training. You get the benefits of a private fleet – without the headaches.

Why SalSon for dedicated fleet services?

  • Track record of on-time delivery. Thanks to experienced SalSon drivers and superb equipment, we maintain a consistent 99%+ on-time delivery rate. We have earned Carrier of the Year honors from top brands like GAP and Dick’s Sporting Goods.
  • Collaborative approach. Most times our dedicated contract carriage team is located on site, working as seamless members of your team.
  • Top safety rating. Our late model trucks feature automatic transmissions and accident avoidance technology that contribute to a safety incident rate (FMCSA) that is less than one third of the national average. See our safety video.
  • Flexible solution. Power-only or power-plus-trailer options. Day cabs and sleepers. Long and short-haul capabilities.
  • Broad experience. Plant-to-plant, JIT inbound to factory, store delivery.
  • Revenue sharing. We give customers a credit for 70% of the revenue we earn filling backhauls.
  • Yard jockey services. Trailer moves including spotting, to/from dock moves, and yard moves. We often bundle yard jockey services with our dedicated contract carriage service.
  • Tier One TMS. Full-featured optimization capabilities to create the most efficient runs.
  • In-house fleet maintenance. Trucks are meticulously maintained and we have 24/7 road assist to get trucks back on the road.
  • Compliance. Our corporate team efficiently handles all compliance requirements for dedicated contract carriage services, freeing up your team from this time-consuming task.

Case Study:

A national sporting goods retailer does daily store replenishments in the morning to store locations to reduce stock outs and support sales growth. SalSon has won this retailer’s Carrier of the Year Award multiple times for its superior store delivery service.

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SalSon’s dedicated fleet services help you…

  • Focus on your core business. 
  • Reduce freight costs. 
  • Improve service.
  • Reduce assets and preserve capital.
  • Lower risk and liability.

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