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New York City Freight Delivery

SalSon Logistics specializes in a service that many other carriers won’t touch – New York City freight deliveries. Every day, we have dozens of drivers in New York’s five boroughs, making deliveries day and night. When it comes to freight deliveries in New York, success comes from doing the work over years and decades. Our drivers know the City and the requirements of each store location.

Why SalSon for New York City freight delivery?

  • Track record. Major retailers like Macy’s, Coach, Ambercrombie & Fitch, GAP, Party City and and others rely on SalSon for timely deliveries throughout the city.
  • Pool distribution capability. Our Newark, NJ terminal allows us to receive and quickly sort large volumes of inventory on a daily basis, 24 hours a day.
  • Experienced drivers. To succeed with New York City freight deliveries, drivers must understand how to make fast, efficient deliveries in densely populated areas and crowded streets. 

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Are your carriers truly focused on metro-area delivery? This white paper covers 7 questions to ask your final-mile carriers to determine if metro deliveries are a true focus for them, or just a distracting sideline.

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SalSon’s Pool Distribution Services can help you…

  • Solve one of your biggest headaches. Among trucking companies in New Jersey, we are the only one to specialize in New York City freight deliveries.
  • Save money. We can combine your freight with other retailers shipping into Manhattan and the outer boroughs, resulting in substantial freight savings.
  • Get products to market faster. Use our pool distribution solution to receive, sort and deliver freight within 24 hours – and often the same day.

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