Sustainable logistics

Green Logistics

When it comes to being a responsible steward of the environment, SalSon puts its money where its mouth is. We are a SmartWay Transport Partner that continually invests to upgrade tractors, trailers, chassis and warehouse equipment to the newest, most-efficient models available. Research has shown that, most often, what makes environmental sense makes economic sense. As your green logistics partner, we’re confident that our activities will positively impact your corporate social responsibility goals.


SalSon investments in green logistics

  • Cleanest, late-model trucks and trailers.
  • Modern fleet of 1,200 chassis. Custom-designed by SalSon to maximize fuel efficiency. See SalSon's chassis video.
  • Natural gas trucks. Several are in use at SalSon locations.
  • GPS dual-mode satellite communications. Improves routing and conserve fuel.
  • Locations close to ports. This reduces dray distances and miles travelled.
  • Clear air diesel exhaust.
  • Idle shut down system.
  • Smart Way approved tires.
  • Energy-efficient lighting with motion detection.

Committed to sustainable logistics

In the U.S., freight transport accounts for more than 16 percent of corporate greenhouse gas emissions, making it one of the largest carbon footprint contributors. This represents a challenge to the logistics community, but also an opportunity. We can and will do better.

SalSon will continue to do our part, investing part of our profits to capitalize on new strategies and technologies that help get products to market quickly, economically and sustainably.

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