Savannah 3PL services

Savannah Logistics Services

SalSon has made major investments to support importers at the Port of Savannah – one of the country’s fastest growing container ports. At our Savannah logistics facility, we handle drayage, transloading, and cross docking of global and regional shipments. Whether you are shipping over the road or to/from the Port, our Savannah logistics services can help get your product to market faster, for less.

Why SalSon for Savannah 3PL Services?

  • Cross dock facility close to the port. Our warehouse includes 30 cross docking doors as well as a large container yard, providing ample capacity for containers. The facility is just 12 minutes from the Port of Savannah – the fourth-busiest port in the U.S.
  • Regional over-the-road deliveries. SalSon drivers and trucks can handle regional deliveries. We are optimally located for OTR transportation with convenient access to major interstates.
  • In Savannah, SalSon is 100% asset-based. With drivers, power and chassis from a single company, there is no need to deal with chassis pools or piece together a solution using multiple providers.

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