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East Coast Drayage Services

SalSon’s asset-based drayage services give you the dray capacity you need to get your products off port quickly. Dray management is a core SalSon service at the ports in Newark, Norfolk, Charleston, Savannah and Houston. Our largest drayage operation is in Port Newark where our dray fleet is four times the size of average competitors. We run 24/7 and process more than 100,000 containers a year. 

Why SalSon for East Coast drayage services?

  • Capacity. Don’t rely on freelance owner-operators for this key function. SalSon is asset based, with 1,200 SalSon-made chassis and our own fleet of tractors. We serve some of the country’s largest container importers.
  • Experience. After more than 60 years at the port, we understand port operations and how to get things done when others can’t.
  • 24/7 Operations. Your supply chain doesn’t sleep, so neither do we. We can turn containers in 24 hours
  • Lower cost. Compare our costs with Newark-area competitors.  
  • Close to the port. That means reduced drayage services costs and faster times to market. In Newark, our terminal is less than a mile from Port Newark.
  • High-volume capability. We move, on average, over 2,000 containers a week. In Port Newark, about 150 SalSon drivers are in the port daily.
  • Broad coverage. East Coast drayage terminals in Newark, Norfolk, Charleston, Savannah and Houston.
  • Chassis management program. Flexible chassis lease programs give you guaranteed capacity without the hassle of chassis sourcing.
  • Container storage. Multiple yards in our 55-acre campus in Newark. All containers are trackable using our PINC yard management system.
  • CES Services available. Check out video on our AQI inspection services.

Case Study:

After a major container logjam at the Port of NY/NJ, a nationwide arts and crafts retail chain had 500 containers at the port, with 6-figure demurrage charges. SalSon took bold action to solve the problem and today delivers 50-300 containers a week to the retailer’s DC.

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Benefits of Drayage Services with SalSon

  • Ensure capacity. We have the East Coast dray capacity you need, when you need it. You don’t have to worry about the unpredictability of non-asset-based carriers, independent drivers and chassis pools.
  • Get products to market faster. As fast as 48 hours, from port to store shelf.
  • Avoid demurrage. We can get your containers off port before free time ends and store them in our container yard until ready for final distribution.
  • Maintain visibility to your import cargo at all times.  We're building a customer-centric portal with full visibility - MySalSon. Every container is tagged with a tracking device, so you can know its EXACT location in real time.

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