Newark 3PL services

Newark Logistics Services

From our 55-acre logistics campus in Newark, NJ, SalSon provides a single-source solution for getting your product to market – from port to shelf. The company was founded in Newark in 1960 and now has 1 million square feet of warehouse space less than a mile from the port. Newark logistics services include drayage, transloading, warehousing, regional OTR transportation, and store delivery.

Why SalSon for Newark 3PL Services?

  • Proximity to port. Gives you a huge competitive advantage in port-to-store-shelf speed.
  • Food-Grade. Our Newark logistics campus includes a food-grade facility that is FDA-compliant and AIB International superior rated.
  • Regional over-the-road deliveries. Deliveries made throughout the Northeast.
  • 24/7 service. Just across the Hudson River is the city that never sleeps, so our Newark location follows suit. We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – tracking orders, supporting our fleets, receiving shipments, and working with our customers.
  • Metro deliveries. SalSon goes where other carriers won’t. We specialize in metro-area freight delvery, including New York City deliveries.
  • Asset-based. When you deal with our Newark logistics operation, you work with SalSon employees and SalSon equipment. No need to navigate a web of different providers.

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