Chassis management

Chassis Management

Customers can lease SalSon chassis on a short-term or long-term basis. This ensures you have the chassis capacity you need, without reliance on chassis pools or non-asset-based dray carriers. Our chassis management program allows you to lease anywhere from 25 units to 100 units at Newark, Norfolk, Savannah, Charleston and Houston.

Why Choose SalSon for Chassis Management?

  • Combo chassis. Our chassis expand from 20’ to 40’ or from 40’ to 45’, allowing one chassis to handle multiple container sizes.
  • Durable and reliable. SalSon invests about $8,000 more per chassis than standard port chassis, making them the most advanced chassis on the road.
  • Flexible programs. Chassis leasing programs can be tailored to your needs and your import/export volumes.
  • Coverage up and down the East Coast and Gulf Coast. Chassis management is available at all SalSon port locations.

Case Study:

After a major container logjam at the Port of NY/NJ, a nationwide arts and crafts retail chain had 500 containers at the port, with 6-figure demurrage charges. SalSon took bold action to solve the problem and today delivers 50-300 containers a week to the retailer’s DC.

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Chassis Leasing with SalSon Can help you…

  • Guarantee chassis availability.
  • Reduce the risk of supply chain slowdowns.
  • Reduce demurrage/detention charges.

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