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Newark Foreign Trade Zone Services

At our Newark campus, we operate within Foreign Trade Zone #49. The government considers FTZ space to be outside U.S. Customs territory. Duty and excise taxes can be delayed until the time of transfer from the FTZ. Also, within our Newark FTZ an importer can file just one Customs entry per week, instead of filing per shipment, saving time and money.

Why SalSon for Newark FTZ Services?

  • Location. 800,000-square-foot Newark warehouse located less than one mile from Port Newark.
  • Integrated solution for import distribution. Drayage, transload, warehousing, asset-based transportation.
  • 24/7 operation. Gated campus with hundreds of surveillance cameras to maximize security of your goods.

Case Study:

This party goods retailer relies on SalSon for dray, transload and final store delivery up and down the East Coast. Many deliveries are to unmanned locations during overnight hours.

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Foreign Trade Zone Services in Newark help you…

  • Delay duties and import fees until cargo is needed.
  • Reduce merchandise processing fees. File weekly versus per shipment. A recent analysis for one of our customers showed they could save nearly $2MM over the course of 3 years by taking advantage of this benefit.
  • Hold goods until quota opens for entry into U.S.
  • Improve cash flow. Pay duty and excise taxes only at the time of transfer from the FTZ.
  • Speed customs clearance.
  • Change product. Sort, repair, assemble, manufacture, exhibit, sell, repack and mix products with foreign and domestic goods.

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