Newark Centralized Examination Station (CES)

SalSon’s Newark facility is a U.S. Customs inspection site for agricultural products. Our 24/7 operation is the largest Centralized Examination Station in Port Newark for your products.  We also perform Agricultural Quarantine Inspection (AQI) services.  


No one likes to get their containers inspected. But when they are, whether you’re an importer or a steamship line, you want them back in circulation as fast as possible. That’s where SalSon shines. According to data from U.S. Customs, SalSon has far superior turn times compared to the Customs average.


Why SalSon for Newark CES Services?

  • Location. We are less than one mile from Port Newark to get products off port and processed fast.
  • Asset-based. We have our own chassis to speed container movements to and from the port.
  • Cost. SalSon offers very competitive rates for Newark CES services. There are no hidden charges related to port congestion, detention or container flips. We will also absorb extra charges for Customs overtime and weekend work.
  • Terminal size and capacity. Of our 200 dock doors in Newark, 60 are dedicated to AQI inspections. 100 plugs are available for refrigerated units.
  • High-security. We keep your goods safe with 24/7 security guard service and 300 cameras throughout the facility. SalSon is also C-TPAT-compliant.
  • On-site fueling of gensets, as well as repairs.
  • Customs officials on site. We enjoy an excellent relationship with CBP officials, who maintain an office within SalSon’s terminal.
  • Online track and trace. Multiple scans allow you to know where your cargo is at all times during the inspection process.

Case Study:

SalSon works with a NYC-based forwarder to process containers quickly and avoid port storage fees.

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SalSon Centralized Examination Station Services can help you…

  • Speed processing of inspected containers.
  • Reduce costs.
  • Maintain visibility throughout the Newark CES process.
  • Maintain the quality and integrity of perishable goods.

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