Norfolk 3PL services

Norfolk Logistics Services

SalSon established operations in Norfolk to serve the many importers and exporters attracted by Norfolk’s deep-water port and 14 Super Post-Panamax quay cranes. Located close to the Norfolk International Terminals (NIT), SalSon’s Norfolk logistics services include transportation and drayage

Why SalSon for Norfolk 3PL Services?

  • Import/Export. Located near NIT, SalSon specializes in Norfolk logistics services for importers and exporters. We get your shipments to and from the port quickly – saving you time and money – and can help you reduce costs even further through match-back arrangements that reduce container repositioning costs.
  • Regional and local over-the-road deliveries. Our fleet supports regional and local deliveries and the operation is optimally located, with convenient access to major interstates.
  • Proximity to port. Convenient new location near the port for faster turn times.  For certain opportunities, we can provide a customized chassis leasing arrangement for SalSon chassis.

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