Food grade warehouse

Food-Grade Warehouse

SalSon operates a large, food-grade warehouse about one mile from Port Newark in New Jersey. Excellent for food companies that import via this port. We adhere strictly to FDA requirements for food storage and inventory management and we are AIB superior-rated.

Why SalSon for food-grade warehouse services?

  • Tier-one WMS manages any stock rotation protocol. FIFO/FEFO, SKU/item, batch/code dates. Automated management of hold processes and criteria for product expiration.
  • Customs inspection. We operate the largest Centralized Examination Station in Port Newark for Agricultural Quarantine Inspection (AQI).
  • Easy product configuration changes. Create new SKUs from existing SKUs using “parent-child” capability within the WMS.
  • Licensed to store and haul alcohol. For wine and spirits companies, we can be your integrated storage and delivery partner for the NY/NJ/CT region.
  • Special capabilities for beverage distribution. We manage several large beverage accounts and utilize special equipment, such as pallet shaving machines, to reconfigure pallet stacks to match the requirements of specific retailers.
  • Heavyweight-authorized, on port location.

Case Study:

Global logistics firm partners with SalSon for drayage/ distribution to reduce time to market for large beverage company customer.

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SalSon’s food-grade warehouse in Newark can help you…

  • Reduce costs through improved space utilization.
  • Stay compliant. SalSon’s food warehouse meets all regulatory standards for sanitation and product traceability.
  • Manage expiration dates. Our systems handle a wide range of stock rotation protocols to minimize expired product.
  • Flex space and labor. Pay for the space and services your volume requires.

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