Charleston 3PL services

Charleston Logistics Services

Located close to the North Charleston Terminal (NCT), SalSon’s Charleston logistics services include drayage, OTR transportation and cross docking. SalSon’s capabilities are expanding rapidly in this region, growing in lockstep with the area’s logistics infrastructure.

Why SalSon for Charleston 3PL Services?

  • Asset-based. SalSon operates our own fleet of late-model tractors and expandable chassis, so you get the capacity you need, when you need it.
  • Import/Export. Located near NCT, SalSon specializes in Charleston logistics services for importers and exporters. We get your shipments to and from the port quickly – saving you time and money – and can help you reduce costs even further through match-back arrangements that reduce container repositioning costs.
  • Regional over-the-road deliveries. Our Charleston operation is also optimally located for OTR transportation in the region, with convenient access to major interstates nearby.
  • Overweight Freight. Heavyweight loads are not a problem

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