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Port of NY/NJ Getting Ready for Big Ships

SalSon Logistics | May 17, 2017 12:41:38 PM EDT

In case you missed it, Hugh Morely wrote an excellent article in the latest Journal of Commerce on the implications of bringing in 18,000-TEU ships into the Port of NY & NJ. 

Bayonne bridge under constructionThe newly raised Bayonne Bridge opens on June 30, removing the final obstacle to big-ship access to certain terminals. In the past, ships bigger than 9,500 TEUs could not reach the 3 terminals on the other side of the Bayonne Bridge (APM Terminal and Maher Terminal in Elizabeth and Port Newark Container Terminal in Newark). Large ships today can only reach GCT Bayonne.  The bridge opening will mean all 4 terminals are accessible to big ships.

Here's the gist of the JOC article:

  • Intense planning, coordination and communication will be needed to prevent vessel delays and backups
  • Training is being done with pilots on the navigation requirements for the big ships
  • Precise timing of arrival at open berths is essential since there is no room for big ships to wait at anchor
  • Pressure will be on terminals and Newark dray operators to handle rapid processing of cargo
  • Port officials are working to ensure that the billions invested by terminal operators, the Port of NY & NJ and the federal government will pay off in increased volume and increased supply chain options for cargo owners

Those signed up to read JOC content can see the article here.  

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