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SalSon Doesn't Stop For Snow

SalSon Media | February 15, 2017 11:23:02 AM EST

Many in the NY Metro area saw around a foot of snow late last week from Storm Niko. At SalSon, we were able to  keep our clients’ freight moving without interruption because of our investments in snow clearing equipment.  How did your operations get through Storm Niko? How did your other carriers perform?  Here are some photos of our clean-up crew in action.


   IMG_0943-543253-edited.jpg          BulldozersSmall-1.jpg

SalSon’s heavy duty plows and clean-up crew were ready to go when Storm Niko hit to clear out our 55-acre Newark campus, making sure trucks could move quickly and safely to and from the campus.

In the Northeast, weather happens. The best logistics companies are ready when it does. 

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